Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions​

  • By entering your artwork in the Planet Theta Art Contest, you understand and agree to have your artwork reviewed and used by Planet Theta for any of the following: Planet Theta and FireFlare Games news, app updates, beta testing updates, Planet Theta and FireFlare Games social media posts, Planet Theta merch, and in Planet Theta promotions. To enter the contest, you must follow the Planet Theta Instagram page, post your entry as a static post on your IG grid, and tag your artwork with @planettheta. The artwork can be a sketch, drawing, painting, digital artwork, or any other medium that Planet Theta could have printed on a shirt (to be used on Planet Theta merch). The winners of the contest will be chosen on or around January 1, 2022 at 5pm PST. The First Place prize for the contest is a $1000 (USD) cash prize. Other prizes will be awarded to the top entries. This is not a lottery or a game of chance, rather this is a merit-based contest. FireFlare Games will review each entry and determine which entries are the winners. No one affiliated with FireFlare Games or Planet Theta may enter the contest. 


To Enter Follow Planet Theta on Instagram. Post your entry, and tag us.

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