How It Works

Planet Theta uses Virtual Reality (VR) to make Finding Love Safe and Easy. We believe everyone has a Right to Love.

Regardless of who you are, where you are from, or who you love, everyone that comes to Planet Theta has a Right to find love. On Planet Theta every user is 100% guaranteed to go on VR dates within a few minutes of joining. There are no bots or scammers, only real people. Our developers have developed matchmaking features with security and privacy in mind and have worked hard to ensure women and marginalized groups are protected in ways unavailable without VR technology. We use quantum immune data protection to ensure your information is protected like no other dating app ever before.

The basic concept of our matchmaking is simple. Users jump into our Microdating Queue, and our algorithm sets them up on short VR Dates with other users who meet their criteria. If they enjoy chatting, they can extend the Microdates into longer Coffee Dates. And if that goes well, users are then matched and view each other’s full profile, send messages, share pics, and interact via our associated mobile app (on Apple & Android). From there, users can decide where their relationship story will go, but we are confident that a foundation based on enjoying each other’s company, is the best way to find love. While waiting in the queue for a Microdate, users will be in Aaron’s Bar with other single people to mingle and organically connect with. For some people, this organic meeting style will be preferable to Microdating as it will be much more like meeting someone at a party or get-together. For others, the ease and simplicity of Microdating will be quite attractive. Which method works best for you is something you will have to decide for yourself.


Right To Love

 Regardless of where you are from, who you are, or who you love, you have a Right to Love.

Phone Dating Fails

Traditional dating apps are overrun with bots and catfishers.  We solve this problem with reliable verification. 

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Safety First

Using VR to meet and screen strangers safely.  Avoiding dangerous encounters.