Can We Make VR Dating Safe for Women?

CMO Planet Theta Aurora Townsend

The Chief Marketing Officer and founder of Planet Theta Aurora Townsend responds on how to make VR Dating safe for women.

“On the safety end it’s very simple. Women are concerned for their safety in ways men never consider,” says Aurora Townsend, the Chief Marketing Officer and founder of Planet Theta, a virtual reality dating app. Could VR take some of the safety risk away?

“I’m not suggesting that we are always replacing dates with VR dates, but I do think it’s a great idea to have a few VR dates before meeting in person, she says, adding, “And if your date doesn’t throw up any red flags and the interaction feels good then maybe you can decide it’s worth getting out of your sweatpants to actually meet in person…  I still think a lot of women are going to text their location to a friend for safety and have a bug-out plan, but I think a lot less women are going to need it as they start using VR as a tool to filter out who they should meet in person.”  

The perils of dating– especially online- are many, and Townsend thinks that VR can address some of them, in addition to allowing users to hang out in an enchanted forest and meet others from anywhere in the world. “Theta means rebirth and so Planet Theta will be a rebirth of dating culture,” she says, adding that online dating apps have “run their course.” 

Dr. Timaree Schmit

Philadelphia Weekly
July 4th, 2022


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