Creating a World for Virtual Dating in the Metaverse

When our team was tasked with creating an exciting new vision of virtual dating in the metaverse, we knew it would be a major endeavor. We knew something this big was going to take some serious effort.

Hooking up with Planet Theta, we realized immediately that we were embarking on a thrill-packed journey together. And this new chapter of discovery enticed us in a way that made it worth every ounce of effort.

Why live in 2D when you can enjoy life in 3D?

Have you ever been on a date with someone who is unresponsive? Then you’ll understand the difference between virtual dating in 2D and 3D. When we started this project, we searched the market for a virtual dating app that gives you an immersive 3D experience. We couldn’t find any. This was the challenge laid before us:

  • To be part of the VR revolution in dating
  • To create a world in which people can be themselves in safe and realistic spaces
  • To help create so much more than the standard, bland ‘look, rate, swipe’ app that plagues the online dating marketplace
  • To find a design language that would stimulate the experience of online dating

Our vision for the future of dating – alluring, realistic, understandable.

Creating an authentic virtual dating experience is more than a little challenging. Our part in this project is to design the spaces in which players will meet and interact.

First step? Brainstorming sessions with Planet Theta leadership to figure out where we wanted to go – literally – in the metaverse. Remember, we want this whole dating game to be realistic.

There is only one place we could think that is common for all people interested in dating to begin – their room. It is, after all, where you get ready for any big day or night out.

Creating a room for gameplayers to start also helps build that feeling of authenticity and realism we are striving to create. The ‘My Room’ level is the starting point for the experience. It’s where players get ready. Their home for the game. On Planet Theta it is called YourPlace.

So, what is a home?

  • Somewhere you feel safe, cozy, and warm
  • A contemporary space where you can add your own touches
  • It must be genderless, to allow the player to customize with their own character through in-game options
  • This is a space where the noise and commotion of busy days are left behind.
  • It’s a space with a mirror, so the player can make sure they are the vision of who they want to be

Like any other design process, we started by sketching our ideas. After the initial drafts, we played with materials and lighting to set the tone of each space within its context. Next, we needed these spaces VR-ready. This means to get it to work for Oculus Quest and other VR headsets.

Now, designing 3D visuals and VR spaces for our clients is our specialty. But getting this to work in Oculus and similar VR headsets – that was a whole new ballgame. This is why it has never been done for a dating app like this.

For the scenes to run smoothly with an VR headset processor, our artwork and designs were required to stay within polygon and pixel size limitations. This led us to design and model each item you see in the room separately, both to have a nice and realistic shape, but also to minimize polygon counts while maintaining the beauty we were striving for.

Where to go after the player leaves their room?

Okay, so where does a player go after they leave their room? Of course, in real life, it could be anywhere. But some of the most common places to meet other people are a bar or a café. There are several experiences we are working on at the moment which we will share in our upcoming posts.

This is only the start. There’s no limit to the worlds and spaces we can create for Planet Theta. We’ll brainstorm, sketch, refine, design, and deliver. It’s a journey that we’re proud to be part of, and a match that is perfect for our times.

If you are interested in seeing some of our previous artwork that led Planet Theta to begin working with us, please take a look at our website: Dashvisual

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