Developer Update Build 1.4.1

From the Devs’ Desk

The development team at Another Reality Studio has been working hard over the past month to upload the latest development build for Planet Theta. As developers of Virtual Reality and 3D web applications, we are stoked to be creating beautiful, interactive and fun virtual scenes for the Planet Theta community. We continue to receive positive feedback about the new designs and even have a sneak peak picture with this post.

In our most recent build number 1.4.1, we integrated Multiplayer and voice connection using EOS (Epic Online Services). Epic Online Services is an open and modular set of online services from Epic Games. EOS is a game development feature that is used for the management of authentication, multiplayer sessions, voice communication, etc. It is a scalable service that can handle millions of simultaneous connections with the highest standards of security and performance.

The EOS feature allows users to host sessions that other users can connect with. Multiple sessions can occur at the same time and other users can select what hosted session they wish to connect with. The host can select what map (environment) to start the session and seamlessly change levels (for themselves and others) by simply interacting with a virtual door. Additional virtual interactions were added in the scenes so users can pick up objects, turn on and off lights, open and close doors. We’ve also optimized and updated the environments for more realism and expanded scene development and better performance.

With build update 1.4.1 in the rear view mirror, the path in front of us includes additional interactions, scene development, integration of the Ready Player Me avatars for custom personalized avatars and more new features. Thanks for reading!

Senior Developer, Mauricio Espin

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