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The development team at Another Reality Studio has a new update for the Planet Theta development build!

We have been working on the new forest level in the experience and we recently integrated Ready Player Me Avatars to the VR Experience. We added a new feature for the user to customize their avatar using a short code generated in the RMP site. General optimization and bug fixes were completed on the app for a smoother VR experience, completing the first phase of development.

Another Reality Studio is working with the Planet Theta team on the design for the second phase of the environment. There will be more customization and features in this development phase. We will create beta access for select users where users will create their own profile. Couples will be able to choose different date options to get to know each other. This will range from quick dates like coffee dates, or longer dates with more dating flow implementation.

Users will be able to manage their contacts, have access to more public and private rooms, and will be able to communicate with instant messaging. A mobile companion app will be created for a wider range of access. We hope you are as excited as we are to experience the environment. Thanks for reading!

Senior Developer, Mauricio Espin

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