HyperSphere Partners with Planet Theta to Create the Most Secure Dating Metaverse

Today, HyperSphere, the industry leader in next-gen data protection, partners with Live CGI, an Emmy-winning leader in gaming and live streaming, and Planet Theta to help ensure that everyone that wants love can find it. Planet Theta’s revolutionary VR dating app enables singles worldwide to safely connect and date from the comfort of their own home, utilizing Meta VR headsets.

Everyone’s information is valuable and needs to be adequately protected. The risk of data breaches and identity theft is continuously climbing with no end in sight. This is why Planet Theta is partnering with HyperSphere to create the most secure dating app ever to exist. HyperSphere’s ground-breaking technology blocks access from outside parties and creates a new level of quantum-immune protection.

People’s most essential memories include the beginning of a relationship: the first time you made eye contact, your first date, your first kiss. Live CGI’s incredible “Minting Moments” technology will allow Planet Theta users to save those iconic moments easily and securely.

Chris Crew, CEO of Planet Theta, comments: “the importance of saving and protecting your most cherished memories and information is the bedrock of today’s partnership between Planet Theta, HyperSphere, and Live CGI.”

“We are incredibly honored to partner with Planet Theta to protect their users’ personally identifiable information in the Metaverse. Cyber threats are devastating. By implementing HyperSphere’s patented data protection technology, Planet Theta demonstrates the strongest commitment possible to provide a safe and secure environment for its users,” said James DeCesare, CEO of HyperSphere Technologies.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with both HyperSphere and Planet Theta. The personal commitment both teams have to safety, security, and positive experiences is what everyone should come to expect. By adding Live CGI’s patented live video minting solution, we feel there is a natural fit to our teams’ offerings,” said Marc Rowley, CEO of Live CGI.

About HyperSphere

HyperSphere is a next-generation data protection company that enables users to securely store, protect, and revive sensitive data on demand. Their patented shadowing technology permits any data — structured or unstructured from personally identifiable data to proprietary user data to media files — to be intentionally deleted so there is nothing a bad actor can take or for the user to lose. Welcome to QIDP® or quantum immune data protection offering a safe digital life for all.

About Live CGI

Live CGI is an Emmy Award-winning team made up of developers and creators who specialize in gaming and livestreaming. Live CGI has launched StreamMyScreen™ with MintMyStream™, a new MaaS™ (Metaverse as a Service™) streaming product for creators with cutting-edge features. StreamMyScreen™ is the market’s easiest and most affordable subscription livestreaming consumer product and is the backbone of the Minting Moments feature integrated into Planet Theta.

About Planet Theta

Planet Theta believes that everyone has a Right to Love. Regardless of where you are from, who you are, or who you love, we think you have a Right to Love who you want. Planet Theta believes that traditional dating apps are failing to deliver and is providing a better alternative that is bot-free, uses reliable identity verification, and a truly safe dating system.

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