Let’s make the metaverse safe for women

Woman using virtual reality headset
Woman using virtual reality headset

The first time I looked at the Metaverse was a very memorable experience. I went to one of the most popular social metaverse worlds, and the moment I loaded the area, I was fascinated by many things that sounded like a teenage boy.

Some people asked, “Would you like to marry me?” And others have called me all sorts of sexual insults and insults. Many of the boys’ avatars looked like young girls with too sexual anime style, wearing only underwear and bras. Surrounded by a 13-year-old boy who is overtly using sexual avatars, screaming obscene words, can be quite uncomfortable. I tried to avoid them by leaving the area, but within minutes I had one of the harassers find me and point his aides in junior high school towards me. After this cycle was repeated several times, I lost my composure and logged off thinking, “How can a woman enjoy this?” At that time, I learned what harassment in the Metaverse looks like.

EIC Media
June 17th, 2022


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