Planet Theta is Born

We are excited to announce that Planet Theta is moving into Beta 0.2 which promises to be the first Virtual Reality dating experience. Take your dating game to the future.

Planet Theta takes the artificial computer out of the dating scene. No more algorithms deciding your matches and fate. You get to chose with our exciting speed dating game or meet someone in one of our many public gathering spaces on your terms. How about going to your favorite café and playing a fun card game with someone you matched with.

With the world in lockdown, Planet Theta is a place were you can meet new and exciting people from around your area and around the globe in a safe and exciting environment.

If you are separated by distance from a loved one Planet Theta is a vacation destination for lively conversations and breathtaking walks through the forests and beaches.

Aaron’s Bar, a comfortable place for people to gather and meet has been fully designed and is looking exceptional. It feels just like your favorite local bar. It is a Friendly atmosphere and a great place to hang out. Pull up a chair and strike up a conversation with someone new.

Avatars are currently being developed that mimic your real life appearance. You will be able to dress and feel like yourself. No catfishing here. Pull up your new friends profile and take a look at their interests and hobbies. You decide if you want to a keep talking with advanced match control.

We are currently developing a voice system that you will allow you to trade stories and share your personal interests. Avoid awkward meetups before they happen by directly interacting with your matches in Planet Theta.

We are working to bring you the next evolution of dating.

VR Dating Experience

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