Post-Lockdown Changes: Is Online Dating Using VR And AR A New Way To Go?

The author explains how in 2020, mainly due to the pandemic, there had been a global shift in dating. Out of fear of meeting new people generally, “people began spending more time talking and getting to know each other, being cautious, and not pressured into meeting up ASAP”. The author does a good job explaining how this greater reliance on online dating has opened the door for a more immersive technology. The author explains that “virtual reality technology and online dating are a match made in heaven” because you are able to get a sense who someone is on a VR date “without meeting them physically”. The author explains the limitless possibilities for a virtual date. People can take each other anywhere they want to go, including “a foreign country or another planet”.

GDI Content Partners
Global Dating Insights
21st September 2020


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