The process behind the vision: bringing the Meta Forest to Life

Walking into the futuristic meta forest of Planet Theta you will feel immersed in flora and fauna; wandering from the lakeshore to the waterfall and onto the mysterious ruins, every turn is different. Whether you want to enjoy your date walking along one of the woodland paths to the spiritual tree or sitting on the grass surrounded by the magical stones, we believe that this space is one that all couples will enjoy.

From the technical side, we first conducted detailed research to decide on the types of flora and fauna we wanted to use, which has truly helped bring the designers’ visions to life. Once the research phase had been completed, we undertook the technically challenging task of making this exotic habitat a reality.

There were several technical challenges with this project. Hardware limitations meant several data parameters were constrained; this led us to trial a number of different rendering methods before we finalized the process. When mapping & modelling terrain, the variety and number of variables in the terrain always impact the project’s complexity. The meta forest has a vast range of geographies and this coupled with the fact that it is an enclosed environment meant that this was one of our most complex projects to date.

We hope you have enjoyed this update and you can see more of our work on our We can’t wait to share the next phase of this project with you.

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