The wonderful Virtual Reality Headset One — Apple’s 1st headset, but will it shine?

The not so virtual future

Virtual Reality Headset One, or Reality One, is starting to look as if it may soon become a reality.

The headset is one of Silicon Valley’s worst kept secrets. Apple has been working on the augmented and virtual reality headset for years now, and a complete ecosystem to go along with it.

With CEO, Tim Cook recently confirming that there would be no more events this year, our attention now turns to 2023. And it seems very likely indeed that we won’t have to wait that long for the first release of the New Year. An event in January is being heavily rumoured, by those in the know, and if that event does come-off, then it will be for the launch of Virtual Reality Headset One — or, Apple’s highly anticipated headset.

David Lewis
November 17th, 2022

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