What do you want to see in VR Dating?

Online dating is plagued with problems. The apps that dominate the phone market are prone to catfishing, bots, and poor results. If you make it through the wall of deceiving profiles, unwanted pictures, and drawn-out text chats at best you may get to meet up with someone. This is the first chance to actually determine if you are going to vibe. Unfortunately, these first dates tend to be filled with anxiety and apprehension. A lot of times you know if you are going to hit it off within the first couple of minutes. This is great if you match. However, many times you find yourself in an awkward position waiting for the date to end so that you can escape. It’s so prevalent that a lot of people have their friends ready to send an emergency text to get you out of there.

Our goal is to make sure that your dating is successful.

Planet Theta is in a position to challenge these issues. First, safety options are in place to avoid harassment and catfishing. Verified profiles and the ability to mute or ban offenders are a cornerstone of our development philosophy. No underage users. Second, casual public spaces are used to meet new people and hang out with old friends. Coupled with match-making games that allow you to control who you decide to meet up with for a quick experience. These first experiences are designed to give you a chance to feel someone out without a long time commitment. They are designed to decrease the anxiety and awkwardness that first dates can create when using current dating apps. Third, once you have more familiarity with a potential partner you have more opportunity to spend extended periods of time together with longer experiences such as walking through an enchanted forest, taking in a movie, a game of darts in a bar, or sitting down for a coffee and cards. All virtually.

This is only a small part of what Planet Theta will offer. We are still in the process of development and have allocated resources to adjust our app according to feedback.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

What can we do to make your VR Dating experience a better one?

VR Dating Experience

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