Planet Theta is the safest, most convenient and effective way to date.

Put on your Virtual REality HEadset and join us in the metaverse

Users go on dates within the app, creating a safe and convenient way to get to know people before sharing personal information and meeting in person.

People are ready for a way to date that pushes personal interaction and chemistry back to the forefront of dating while still benefiting from the convenience that technology provides. We call it Microdating.

Instead of focusing first on looking at profiles, on Planet Theta matchmaking is about testing chemistry, an essential part of every relationship. On Planet Theta, users look at each other’s profiles only after going on a short date together within the app to test their chemistry. This formula for dating is far more effective at matchmaking because users minimize the time they spend with people that they don’t click with.

Microdating is a significant breakthrough for users’ security and privacy. It dramatically reduces in-person dates that go bad by weeding most of them out first through short dates in VR. Similarly, instead of sharing social media or other information to set up first dates, users on Planet Theta only share personal information after going on dates they enjoyed. The result is that far fewer people have the access or means to stalk, harass, or assault users on Planet Theta than on traditional dating apps.

Women are Seeking a Safe Alternative to Online Dating

We make VR dating safe for women

“On the safety end it’s very simple. Women are concerned for their safety in ways men never consider,” says Aurora Townsend, the Chief Marketing Officer and founder of Planet Theta, a virtual reality dating app. Could VR take some of the safety risk away?

“I’m not suggesting that we are always replacing dates with VR dates, but I do think it’s a great idea to have a few VR dates before meeting in person, she says, adding, “And if your date doesn’t throw up any red flags and the interaction feels good then maybe you can decide it’s worth getting out of your sweatpants to actually meet in person…  I still think a lot of women are going to text their location to a friend for safety and have a bug-out plan, but I think a lot less women are going to need it as they start using VR as a tool to filter out who they should meet in person.”  

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Feed deer in the forest with your date

Play a game of darts in Aaron’s Bar

Catch a movie at the allrites theater

Go dancing at the night club

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