What the metaverse means for the future of dating

Fifty years ago, people would have laughed if you told them it would soon be possible to find love through a screen. The same way Bill Gates was judged when he first introduced the concept of the internet to the world. People believed it was a fad.

Fast forward to 2022, and online dating has become so ubiquitous that it’s done a 360 on older, more dated routes. It was the 21st century’s radical breakthrough deep-rooted in traditional courtship.

While the concept was initially stigmatised – likely to be down to the fear of the unknown – dating apps and social media now hold the key to 80 per cent of the modern dating scene. It’s almost become a rarity for someone to have met their beau organically, whether that be in a bar, at work, at church or through mutual friends.

Becca Monaghan
April 16th, 2022


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